Example of an interactive dashboard.


Quick Check

Identifying and evaluating potentials – this is what we have developed our Quick Checks for. Within a few days we will check your modular system or your product portfolio.

After the data transfer, we analyze your data. Through methods from the field of Big Data and the latest visualizations, you will discover contexts that were previously hidden.

All the necessary information is presented in an interactive dashboard. In a workshop, we work together to develop a catalogue of measures. You can then modularize the system in a targeted manner and know both your needs and your potential.

The Quick Check helps us to optimally align further services to your needs.

Portfolio Quick Check

  • Evaluate portfolio efficiency
  • Successful variants, variants with cannibalization risk, costly variants identify
  • Identify the cleanup potential

Component Kit Quick Check

  • Standardization and reuse
  • Exotics and exclusive parts
  • Objectives of modularization

Potential Check

  • Cost effects of a modularisation
  • risk assessment

Tripple Quick Check

  • Combine the findings of all QuickChecks
  • Check configurability

If you want to track your progress, we also offer QuickChecks as a regular reporting service. If you are interested, please ask for our information sheet. Contact


Example of an interactive dashboard.