More Knowledge

Selection of scientific publications.

Complexity Costs

Early Phase Estimation of Variety Induced Complexity Cost Effects: A Study on Industrial Cases in Germany
Sandra Szech (geb. Eilmus), Thomas Gumpinger, Thomas Kipp, Olga Sankowski und Dieter Krause,
published in Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Complex Systems, Springer, 2016.

Methods of Modularization

Integrated Development of Modular Product Families: A Methods Toolkit
Dieter Krause, Gregor Beckmann, Sandra Szech (geb. Eilmus), Nicolas Gebhardt, Henry Jonas und Robin Rettberg,
published in Advances in product family and product platform design, Springer, 2014.

Cross-Industry Application

Evaluating a methodical approach for developing modular product families in industrial case studies
Sandra Szech (geb. Eilmus), Nicolas Gebhardt, Robin Rettberg und Dieter Krause,
published at 12th International Design Conference – Design 2012, Dubrovnik, 2012.

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